About Us

TEKHNĒ was born with the mission of helping companies that sell technological products with the development of their own electronic hardware product right the first time.

We are a group of multidisciplinary engineers with more than 10 years of experience in the design and development of electronic products.

Throughout our career we have seen how countless projects have not turned out as expected:

    • Some projects for presenting an overly optimistic planning that ends up lengthening in time and it seems that they never end.
    • Others because as the project progresses, the evolution of the accumulated costs reaches a point where the economic viability of the project is compromised and it is more profitable to end up canceling it than to continue accumulating losses.
    • Finally, there are those in which the quality of the manufactured product does not correspond to that expected, either due to a manufacturing or design defect.

The truth is that there are market studies that say that at least 70% of the new hardware products that reach the market fail in at least one characteristic of this triad: costs, times and quality.

Now comes when we tell you that this does not happen with us because we provide a unique and personalized service, we make a difference with what we do, we are the leaders in the sector, etc, etc.

Putting aside all this, we tell you that if there is something we have learned over the years, it is that no matter how controlled and dominated you have something, unforeseen events can always arise.

It is unavoidable.

However, all is not lost. We believe that with proper planning and strategy all objectives can be achieved.

In particular, we believe that a good part of the reasons for these high rates of failed products is that many times the focus is on a partial vision of the product and other equally important parts are neglected.

In order to guarantee the total success of an electronic product, it is vitally important to conceive the complete lifecycle of its development, from the initial idea to its launch on the market.

Otherwise, when you want to find out, it will be too late and you will not have time to react.

Our Philosophy

At TEKHNĒ we are passionate about electronic design. It is what we have been doing forever, and that has allowed us to acquire a global vision of all the aspects to consider in the development of a product.

In all this time we have achieved successes and failures. Yes, we are not ashamed to say so.

We are not infallible, we are also wrong.

But throughout these more than 10 years we have learned from all the good and bad that has happened to us to continue growing, always motivated by the desire to achieve excellence in everything we do, never ending learning.

There are always things that can be improved.

Thus, from your product idea, the market you are targeting, the unique characteristics of your product, its design, its validation through prototypes, reliability, its manufacturability, certifications, obsolescence management, packaging … we can help you in ALL aspects of design and development of electronic products throughout their complete lifecycle.

To do this, we carry out an iterative cycle that includes 3 perspectives:

Strategy and Validation

We help you shape your product idea, collaborating with you to understand your customers' needs and focus on the unique characteristics that really add value.

We will carry out a preliminary study of market analysis and validity and technological feasibility of the solution that best fits.

Design and Development

We put at your disposal our multidisciplinary engineering team with more than 10 years of experience designing high-performance electronic products.

We will develop customized electronic solutions that suit your needs, having extensive experience in developing Embedded Systems equipped with wireless communications.


From the beginning of the design we optimize and work always keeping in mind the manufacturability of your product.

We are in continuous iteration with the suppliers and manufacturers of your product to guarantee an industrialization as comfortable and simple as possible , which guarantees a high quality and reliability of the designed equipment.

Who can we Help?

As a result of all the aforementioned and taking into account the aspects of the electronic products lifecycle that we have mentioned, we believe that we can help you and add value if you intend to industrialize a product and therefore keep all these premises in mind.

Otherwise, if you are only contemplating devising a proof of concept, or developing prototypes with no signs of going further, then it is better that you to look for other alternatives.

Are you ready to develop an electronic product?

Whether the answer is yes or insecurities assail you, do not hesitate, contact us without obligation. We will be happy to share impressions and ideas with you.

A quién podemos ayudar


TEKHNĒ is made up of people who are restless and passionate about the design and development of electronic products.

This is what we have done forever. Previously working as an employee for companies in demanding sectors such as industry and transport, and now from TEKHNĒ.

It is our desire and motivation to put technology at the service of people to help improve their lives. And being aware of the difficulties and challenges involved in developing an electronic product, we wanted to put our knowledge and experience at your service with the aim of developing reliable and quality products that exceed expectations and with sustainability as a top priority. This is how TEKHNĒ came about.

The name TEKHNĒ comes from the time of ancient Greece, designated to represent art, technique, exercise of knowledge and human actions by which a new reality is generated.

Thus, our brand symbolizes going further. We begin with a clear idea and we make it blossom into a ground-breaking reality by connecting different perspectives.

It is precisely the satisfaction of successfully developing a product that moves us and helps us improve day by day.

Do you think we could help you in the development of your next electronic product?

Are you willing to take the leap?