Few companies in the technology sector are truly committed to sustainability, despite being one of the sectors with the greatest impact on the environment and society.

At TEKHNĒ we foster a sustainable model as a cornerstone of our designs, procedures and services, also encouraging a right use of products.

We develop responsible products, thinking of their whole lifecycle. We know exactly where all the products are made to ensure they meet our rigorous requirements. Because getting more involved means improving not only our work but also our planet and our society.

Development of sustainable products thinking about their complete lifecycle
  • We assess and select thoroughly the components in order to avoid conflict minerals.

  • We design products and manage the lifecycle considering our 4Rs (Reduction, Repairability, Reuse and Recycling).

  • We proactively foresee obsolescence which is so common in the electronics sector, through analyses that incorporate mitigation plans.

  • We optimize the energy consumption of our products and processes through efficient management.

  • We design sturdy products based on advanced reliability studies so that they last all their lifespan.

  • We use eco-design strategies applied to the product and its packaging with recyclable materials whenever possible, and with restrictions on hazardous substances (RoHS and REACH).

  • We achieve a respectful product manufacturing towards involved people and the environment.

  • We take care of the end-of-life of the products to assure they are processed properly and no waste ends up in landfills (WEEE).