Now more than ever, in this information era, it is about time to assess the potential that new technology trends have on your business to forge a strategic vision and gain a competitive advantage.

From TEKHNĒ we help you get a jumpstart on the latest technologies. We therefore provide you with a comprehensive service of product design and development to accompany you throughout the different phases of its lifecycle.

Together, we can build the best in class products to shape a better future. Make the leap.


Design and development internet of things products
Internet of Things

We connect technologies through the latest wireless standards (5G, NB-IoT, LoRaWAN, WiFi 6, BT 5.2, NFC).

Design and development embedded systems products
Embedded Systems

We implement microprocessor (SoC) and microcontroller (MCU) based devices that provide optimal integration.

Design and development edge computing products
Edge Computing

For Smart Cities and Industry 4.0 with special emphasis on security (Secure Boot, TrustZone, TPM – Trust Platform Module).

Design and development carrier boards products
Carrier Boards

We extend the capabilities of a wide range of System-on-Module (SOM) for Artificial Intelligence (AI), Neural Computing (NC), Artificial Vision, among other applications.

Design and development HMI Human Machine Interface products
Human Machine Interfaces

We develop Human-Centered Designs, betting on user experience and intuitiveness, integrating visual elements, audio, and voice and gesture recognition.

Design and development automotive products

We have extensive experience in the development of fleet management (FMS), geolocation (GPS) and connected vehicle (V2X) systems.


We are all aware that it is not easy to develop an idea and it requires multidisciplinary knowledge.

In our co-innovation sessions, we bring in participation and idea generation techniques (Brainstorming) where we shape your insights from different perspectives, with a user-driven approach (Design Thinking).

We analyse and evaluate the value proposition to enhance it. We break it down into product features/requirements and run experiments to ensure full market fit.

Design & Engineering

To bring about your future-orientated products, at TEKHNĒ we have an engineering team with experience and expertise in advanced design as well as the market-leading CAD, modelling and simulation tools for electronics and mechanics.

We use design methodologies for manufacturing (DfM), assembling (DfA) and more (DfX). We carry out in-depth multidisciplinary analysis and simulations; mechanical (tolerances, vibrations, fatigue, …), electrical (signal integrity, power) and thermal. We also optimize products through component engineering and RAMS (failure mode effects and criticality analysis – FMECA, reliability estimation, safety, …).

We take care of all the details in order to make extraordinary products through a quick development to save both time and money.

Prototyping & Validation

We make the design tangible as soon as possible, by means of complete or partial prototypes. Together with you we continually assess the evolution and progression of the product development, measuring the end-user’s responses so that we can get feedback and extract lessons learned to apply to our design. In that way, we will achieve a minimum viable product (MVP) as close as possible to the final solution.

We have additive manufacturing equipment as well as a machining workshop to yield far better prototypes. We also develop test environments that simplify the validation and verification process of prototypes at the functional level.

With a growth process we will turn this MVP into the final product by adjusting it to your customers’ needs and expectations.


Quality is a determining factor in ensuring that products work as expected under the conditions they will experience in the real world.

We subject the products to a broad range of environmental tests such as temperature, humidity, vibrations, etcetera, to verify its smooth operation throughout the possible scenarios. Our facilities also have state-of-the-art equipment that allow us to perform, with guarantees and efficiency, pre-certification tests with regards to electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and electrical safety.

We help you with your product certification (in accordance with the regulations and directives of the CE, FCC, E marking, etc.), making sure all the good work done will expedite the certification and at last reduce Time-to-Market.

New product

Here is the moment we all were waiting for, your new incredible product launch. But first we must assure that all units can be manufactured in a repeatable way, on time and at a right price. To do this, we undertake a product industrialization process that allows its large-scale production.

Figuring out how to reach customers remains one of the hardest parts for every business. We help you gain these people (Product-Market Fit) as a first step to enabling a major breakthrough towards market success.

Now you should think about giving continuity to the excellent work done up to this point so as to guarantee success. From TEKHNĒ we accompany you through our holistic 360° service to manage the entire lifecycle of your products and scale your business.


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